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Infants born addicted

           For a newborn, the world is a new and mysterious place filled with wonder and joy, or at least it is supposed to be.  Unfortunately this is not always the case. Doctors in Kentucky have been inundated with infants born addicted to drugs.  As of September of this year, that number […]

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Rally against Heroin

          Fifty people gathered Tuesday in downtown Howell to rally against heroin addiction. Heroin overdoses are not commonly seen in headlines these days, however 25 people in Livingston County passed away since September. The problem is clearly getting worse when so many died from the drug last year. Members of the […]

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Virginia’s Drug Trafficking Problem

Six out of seven cities in Virginia and one county have all been labeled by an institute of the Federal Government as having high levels of drug trafficking activity. While this is a reputation no area wants to have, they are receiving a significant amount of help and support in combating this problem. The Federal […]

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Fighting Recreational Marijuana

       As many states move towards legalizing medicinal marijuana and as Oregon moves towards legalizing recreational use, many parents are concerned about the ramifications. One such parent who has been fighting against such regulation for some time now recalls how the issue impacted his life. His son started smoking marijuana at a young […]

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Drug Ring Busted

The suspicions of many investigators where confirmed when 5 million dollars cash and a large amount of drugs where seized in Chicago during several drug busts. Federal investigators had suspected for months that Mexican Cartels where using Chicago as a base of operation to distribute drugs. Due to its central location and proximity to other large […]

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The Newest Victims of Addiction

             A new report explains the newest victims of poverty and drug abuse in West Virginia. One teacher explains she can always tell when a student is being neglected, by the condition of their shoes. With the majority of the people in the small town living below the poverty line, […]

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New Study Prescription Drugs

              The FDA has released plans to conduct a study on teenagers views of prescription drugs. This came after the FDA warned the makers of several medications, including Adderall to stop advertising to teens and adolescents. This study will focus mainly on acne and ADHD medications. The FDA fears that […]

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Overdose in Seattle

           Picture this; a young man lying on the floor, not breathing, no one around to help him.  His search to feel better ends in the cold embrace of death.  Hours later, paramedics or a loved one break in only to discover it is too late.  This scene is becoming increasingly […]

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Battle against Prescription Drug Abuse

       An officer in Wyoming recalls a very concerning experience he had with one rescue caller. In September 2010, he responded to a call from a man who had fallen down the side of a ravine from the beginning something seemed off. The man claimed he couldn’t feel his legs and when being airlifted […]

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