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Heroin Overdoses Soar Nation wide

The CDC has reported that the number of overdoses from heroin abuse have increased across the nation.  The number of overdoses in the US has been growing steadily for the past 20 years. Officials have had the most attention on strong prescription opiates or pain killers as this was a large contributing factor in the […]

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Bravery In The Face Of A Painful Past

          Once trapped by a horrible moment in the past, Jackie is able to overcome childhood abuse and move forward with her life.   We are humbled by the bravery this women has shown in her willingness to confront a painful past.  These are Jackie’s own words. “I’m able to see a […]

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This Is What Hope Looks Like

Over a year ago this father of four graduated the Narconon Program, now he shares one of the many ways he has grown as a person with his nine year old daughter. Not long ago, my 9 year old daughter was bullied by another girl.  I found out that girl’s parents were going through a […]

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10 tips to sobriety during the Holidays

Although the holidays are a joyous time for most, it can be really rough or lonely for some recovering addicts.  Following is list of helpful tips to use. It’s okay to say you are in recovery.   Being open and honest will help deter people from trying to pressure you into using drugs or having just one drink to […]

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48 arrested in large drug bust

     The police force of Milwaukee succeeded in taking down a large drug ring, arresting dozen of those involved and seizing thousands of dollars of heroin. These drug busts were in over twelve counties with one of them alarmingly taking place at a day care. The police reported the drug sales from this ring took place […]

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School test

The Student Drug

     A new study has revealed that one in five college students are abusing psychiatric medications in an attempt to do better in school. The medications they are taking are Ritalin, Adderall, and Vyvanse; medications that are prescribed to individuals who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or ADD.  Many students stated they took […]

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The Dark Side of the Internet

     There is a battle on drugs that has been going on for sometime that many people may not know exists. The internet is known as an easy place to get information, order clothes, or see what your friends are up to these days. What many don’t realize however, is that drugs are now […]

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