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Four Tips for a Sober Fourth

Most Americans on the Fourth of July are concerned about their barbecue food and party drinks. Meanwhile, recovering addicts are concerned about making it through the day with their sobriety intact. This is why we made a list of four steps you can take to not only stay sober but really enjoy your July Fourth […]

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Who Would You Help?

Nick was my first friend when I moved to Florida in 2009. On the first day of school, I found out we had class together and we were both on the basketball team. A few weeks after this point, we were best friends. That spring is when things started to change. A couple of kids […]

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The New Drug on the Block

“Research” chemicals have been around for years but in the past several months a new one has appeared. 25I-NBOMe or simply N-bomb has been in the news recently for causing multiple fatalities. This drug is often ordered online and marketed to kids as legal LSD. It has the street name smiles or 25i. N-Bomb is […]

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