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The Shocking Cost of Heroin Addiction

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Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Reach New High

Synthetic marijuana overdoses have skyrocketed this year. Last year, the total number of overdoses ended at 3,682 according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. By early July of this year, the number had already reached 4,377. Called “weaponized marijuana” by the New York Police Commissioner William Bratton. The drug has been attributed with […]

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Heroin Overdose Spike

Washington, Pennsylvania, a community of 200,000, had eight heroin overdoses in just 70 minutes. The calls continued after the initial eight and by the end of the day, sixteen people had overdosed.  After 42 hours the number had climbed to 25. Thankfully only 3 of those 25 passed away. This was due to the emergency […]

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Wanting to Be Sober

In many ways, I feel like a new person since addressing my past. I feel free from the burden of guilt by having apologized to my parents for all the lies I had told them when I was using drugs. I also feel good about my re-entry into the family as a clean and honest […]

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I Couldn’t be Happier

The Narconon New Life Retreat program has done quite a lot for me. I’ve learned more here than I have at past rehab programs. The coursework increased my communication skills and confront ability ten fold.   The New Life Detoxification Program helped me rid my body of lingering chemicals and drugs so that now I […]

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The Origin of Narconon New Life Retreat

Last Saturday marked ten years since the horrors that Hurricane Katrina impacted on tens of thousands of lives through displacement, loss of life and destruction of property. With this came the thousands of people struggling with drug addiction. In addition to losing their homes and livelihood, those struggling with addiction suffered drug withdrawals and many […]

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