Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Denham Springs, LA

Overcoming it All

This program has saved my life. I came here a selfish, depressed, victim, and junkie who wanted nothing more than to die. My life was completely out of control and was almost cut way too short. Coming here was my last hope. Each step helped me. I completed Book 2 with no more suicidal thoughts, […]

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A New and Bright future

I am now at a point in my life where I have regained my self-confidence, self-respect, and dignity. I have also conquered some of my very powerful demons that have been haunting me for what seems like eternity. I have been here at Narconon New Life Retreat for 136 days. I have been clean for 146 days, […]

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Bravery In The Face Of A Painful Past

          Once trapped by a horrible moment in the past, Jackie is able to overcome childhood abuse and move forward with her life.   We are humbled by the bravery this women has shown in her willingness to confront a painful past.  These are Jackie’s own words. “I’m able to see a […]

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Meth Seizures at Border Skyrocket

          Border officials have reported that meth seizures at the Mexican and American border skyrocketed during 2014.   The increase in Mexican methamphetamines  was driven by the cheap cost of producing methamphetamines and the increase of American law enforcement in rooting out meth production in the US. Mexican gangs started producing […]

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Cocaine Candy

Today drugs are everywhere and the drug culture is trying to take a grip on society, destroying families and crippling communities. This became evident in a very shocking way in Cedar Rapids Iowa where a man was selling crack cocaine out of a candy shop that he owned. Even more disturbing the candy shop was located quite close to […]

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Naloxone is not a solution to Drug Addiction

In the past year more and more states are legalizing Naloxone the overdose reversing drug for home prescription and to be carried by emergency officials, such as cops and paramedics. This is an awesome way of preventing so many individuals from loosing their lives from the horrors of addiction. Those who pushed for these laws […]

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