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This Is What Hope Looks Like

Over a year ago this father of four graduated the Narconon Program, now he shares one of the many ways he has grown as a person with his nine year old daughter. Not long ago, my 9 year old daughter was bullied by another girl.  I found out that girl’s parents were going through a […]

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The Deadly Duo

     For those of you who have never heard of “Four Lokos”,  it was a beverage that consisted of part energy drink, part alcohol. A couple years ago it was pulled from the shelves after several college students were admitted to a hospital after consuming too much of the drinks. The reason for this […]

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A Really Bad Trip

          A man in Washington state from September 26th to October 3rd terrorized the residents of a rural area. The man broke into a couple’s home and demanded the occupants make him a sandwich.  Once the man got what he wanted, he stole a firearm and took off. The man was […]

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Heroin Abuse Rising

          Wyoming has been seen an increase in the increase of heroin abuse withing there borders. The states remote location and lack of large cities make it a target for drug dealers trying to increase there profits. A bag of heroin being sold in salt lake city for ten dollars can be […]

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          The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee celebrated this Halloween by  bringing up awareness about the horrors of methamphetamine abuse. Tennessee has been combating methamphetamine use in their state and have passed legislation to deal with this issue. In the past few years, several counties in Tennessee passed laws restricting the […]

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Jackson Square New Orleans

Heroin Related Deaths Skyrocket

          The amount of heroin related deaths in Louisiana has skyrocketed almost eight fold from 15 in 2010 to 117 in 2013. One man who is a recently recovered heroin addict stated heroin is everywhere now. Out of the people the man knows, each of them knows anywhere from ten to twenty people […]

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Prescription Drugs a Gateway

          Alarmingly, as many states are cracking down on prescription drug abuse, heroin has become a bigger problem. Delaware is one of the states where this has become evident as prescription drugs have become less accessible, many individuals switch to heroin. Sometimes this is due to the price, a pain pill […]

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Fighting Drug Abuse in the Military

Frank L. Greenagel Jr. has dedicated his life to combating the drug problem in America and is now turning his attention to assisting the military. He was discharged from the military in 2004 and since then he has worked on several related projects and has even run a recovery house at Rutgers University in New […]

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Virginia’s war on prescription drugs.

            Virginia is taking steps to quell an ongoing problem with prescription drug abuse in the state. Accidental deaths from prescription drug abuse have become the second leading cause of death in that state, behind car crashes. The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention of Danville  has made this growing problem its […]

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The Unspoken Problem

          West Virginia has been struggling with drug addiction for some time now and one mother, Dorothy Rhodes has clarified part of the problem. Despite the number of overdoses in the community, the general outlook on the situation is that the area does not have a problem.  Ms. Rhodes wishes she […]

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