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Proud to be Sober!!!

The Narconon program has helped me fight the strongest toughest battles when I didn’t know how. This has to be one of the best feelings I have ever had. Sauna helped me rid all the nasty toxins from my body. The perceptions course has helped me confront life in general and the ethics section helped […]

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Ever heard of a Narco-Sub?

If you haven’t, you’re probably not the first. It is a not too clever play on words for a submarine filled with Narcotics. If you haven’t heard of it before look it up and hundreds of pictures come up. The vessels are usually handmade subs that have had varying degrees of success over the years. […]

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Meth in Indiana

Delaware county in Indiana has experienced an alarming amount of meth lab incidents since the beginning of this year. The area has seen 119 cases with the next highest county Noble has seen just 35. Indiana had a total of 1,470 incidents of labs in 2014. The state ranked highest in Meth lab incidents in […]

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Drug Trafficking Model

When you think of drug traffickers, a 39-year-old Mexican model is probably not the face that comes to mind. Well, this was just the case on  July 19th when 39-year-old model Anett Pikula’s was stopped at a border crossing in Lukeville, Arizona. Officers state that Anett was overly talkative and flirtatious which made them suspicious. The  […]

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Change for the Better

Before I arrived at Narconon, I was abusing pills and opiates. Life was challenging and I thought taking opiates would help. One night I took a pill that I’d never taken before, thinking it would work on my stress just as the other pills had.  I was very wrong. Somehow I made the drive home, […]

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Huge Bath Salt Conspiracy Busted

Recently a 2 yearlong investigation of a North Carolina man highlighted a massive conspiracy to distribute the chemical used in the creation of “Bath Salts” and similar drugs.  The chemicals were purchased in China and shipped to various locations in Hendersonville, NC according to an article by the Times-News.  The conspiracy began in 2012 and has expanded to […]

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