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Heroin Overdose Claims Three More Victims over the Weekend

ABC News reported that 3 men between the ages of 36 and 52 were found dead in a rural part of Southwestern Australia. Authorities from the Serious and Organized Crime Division state bgthis brings the death toll 22 in the war against drugs (See link below).

The Division’s own Brett Ranford said:   “In light of these deaths, those people that are contemplating using illicit drugs, in particular heroin, need to be mindful of the serious consequences that is associated with this use.

“And, of course, they [the users] don’t know what the typical strength and purity of these drugs are, and that poses a significant health risk to them.”

As Heroin use has not slowed down, it is not enough to just say these things. Especially in light of the fact that most users report they had no idea what Heroin was when they started using it.

What is Heroin and why is it so lethal?

Heroin is a member of the opioid family and derived from certain poppy plants. Its effects on the body range from pain relief, euphoria, drowsiness/respiratory depression and arrest, nausea, confusion, constipation and sedation to unconsciousness, coma, addiction and, of course, overdose and/or death. It does this by suppressing the central nervous system and stopping the brain from sending out signals to the rest of the body. Some Heroin addicts who have died, did so from respiratory failure. Their brain simply stopped telling their bodies to breath.


Another risk is that most heroin has other drugs or substances added to or “cut” into it. Most users do not know what this is when they take it. It could be anything from powdered sugar to rat poison. Sometimes the substance cut with the Heroin is the more deadly compound of the two and which itself can lead to a whole other series of unforeseen side-effects.


Now that you understand what Heroin is, what can to be done to get a person off of it safely and effectively?

Narconon Louisiana is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility offers a oong-term substance abuse program that is a 100% DRUG-FREE rehabilitation program.  With a staggering 75% success rate, they are equipped to assist those Heroin addicts who need help. For more information, call 877-340-3602 and ask to speak to an intake counselor. You can also visit the website at


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