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Admissions rise

In the last ten years substance abuse treatment admissions have risen a total of 569.7 percent and that is just looking at a combined use of benzodiazepine and narcotic pain relievers.  This information comes from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  When they looked at overall substance abuse treatment admissions in the same period it rose 4 percent according to the agency.  Pamela Hyde SAMHSA Administrator, said “Clearly, the rise in this form of substance abuse is a public health problem that all parts of the treatment community need to be aware of.  When patients are battling severe withdrawal effects from two addictive drugs, new treatment strategies may be needed to meet this challenge.  These findings will help us better understand the nature and scope of this problem and to develop better approaches to address it.” One way to address abuse issues is with drug abuse solutions in rehab.

That is stating it mildly.  This information really drives the situation home.  Yes, people are getting addicted to pain killers and benzos.  Yes, they need help.  First thing we need to do is stop accepting the fact that these drugs will cure anything or help us with our problem in our lives.

In this report it showed that 38.7 percent of those with this combined addiction began use of both drugs in the same year; 34.1 percent first used narcotic pain relievers, and the remaining 27.1 percent started with benzos.  An interesting fact is that almost half of patients admitted for combined use also had a co-occurring psychiatric disorder, these people were self referred and less likely to receive regular outpatient treatment.  Non-Hispanic whites account for 91.4 percent of combination admissions versus 55.8 percent of other admissions, Females make up 49.2 percent of combined admissions versus 30.2 percent of other admissions.  All interesting facts.

Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske, says “the public health and safety threat we face from the abuse of prescription drugs is indisputable and these date show the increasing need for treatment for those suffering from addiction to prescription drugs.  While prevention is a critically important pillar of our prescription drug prevention plan, equally important is ensuring that treatment is available to those in need.”

I totally agree with this gentleman.  Prevention or just don’t do drugs is the best way to fight this epidemic but helping those who need and want help is very important also.  Most people go to treatment centers where they are put on drugs so they can get off a drug.  I really know that that is not the correct thing to do.  I just recently referred a friend to an inpatient treatment center in Denham Springs Louisiana.  This center does give you a detox method that is natural and besides that they also give you some life skills to help you go back into the society a productive individual and now you have a way to confront your problems and not use drugs instead.  Something can be done about it.

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