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New Alabama law to curb meth cooks

The Decatur Daily recently reported that Alabama lawmakers have taken a new step to curb the prevalence of methamphetamine labs in the state.New laws require that every purchase of Sudafed and other non-prescription drugs containing meth ingredients be instantly recorded and reported to a multi-state database.  The purpose of this law is to discover individuals purchasing excessive amounts of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine for use in creating meth.

Meth addiction sends thousands to Alabama drug abuse rehab programs every year.

Lawmakers stated that if this new law is ineffective in combating meth production in Alabama, they may resort to requiring prescriptions for the purchase of Sudafed and other pseudoephedrine products.

Many pharmacists agree that requiring a prescription may be the only way to effectively limit the supply of pseudoephedrine to meth labs.

If you or your loved one in the Alabama area is suffering from methamphetamine addiction, we can help you find an effective Alabama drug abuse rehab.  Call us at the Narconon Riverbend Retreat at (877) 340-3602.

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