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Florida governor signs “pill mill” legislation

Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, signed their new pill mill legislation into law. The bill creates a database to track sales of medications in the state, and curbs doctors’ ability to sell controlled substances from their clinics.

Florida law previously allowed doctors to prescribe and dispense various painkillers from their office locations. This laxness in the law allowed Florida doctors to purchase over 40 million doses of Oxycodone in the first half of 2010, which is more than eight times more than in all other U.S. states combined.

Oxycodone has the brand names OxyContin, Percodan and Perocet. All of these drugs are commonly abused by drug addicts, who grind them up and then inhale or inject them.

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing form of drug abuse in America. The pill mills operating without restriction in Florida were a primary cause of this high incidence of prescription drug abuse. It is hoped by the citizens of many states that have been impacted by prescription drugs illegally smuggled from Florida, that this legislation will mark the beginning of the end of the “pill mill” problem.

Florida Governor Rick Scott originally opposed the bill, citing privacy concerns for Florida residents, but he quickly changed his tune as national pressure mounted. The Florida legislature passed this bill unanimously.

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