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Georgia annually spends half a billion dollars incarcerating drug abusers

David Ralston, Georgia Speaker of the House, was recently quoted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as saying that Georgia residents are “spending a huge amount of money locking people up that have drug problems.”  Georgia state government has a billion dollar deficit on its hands and that sort of red ink has legislators and state executives frantic to cut spending any way possible.Georgia’s new governor also made a statement, indicating that he is placing emphasis upon moving drug offenders to proven Georgia drug abuse rehab programs rather than putting them through the revolving door of the Georgia prison system.

While Georgia drug abuse rehab programs have helped many drug abusers, most Georgia drug abusers who are criminal offenders, currently end up incarcerated.  Georgia officials have now reached the consensus that prisons are no replacement for effective drug rehabilitation.  With this new policy change, hopefully the state of Georgia will not only save millions of dollars but more importantly save some lives.

Many non-violent drug offenders will be ordered to Georgia drug abuse rehab programs because of these new policies.

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