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Kentucky Drug Abuse News Roundup

According to Wikipedia Kentucky is officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky and it is a state located in the Upper South of the United States.  Kentucky is one of four US states constituted as a commonwealth.  It is the 26th most populous of the 50 United States.  Its population is 4,369,356.  Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State”, a nickname based on the fact that bluegrass is present in many of the pastures throughout the state because of the fertile soil.  It made possible the breeding of high-quality livestock, especially thoroughbred racing horses. Its capital is Frankfort and Louisville is its largest city.

There is a case where the DEA agents and the Kentucky State Troopers went fishing and they had their fishing poles out to catch the suspect.  Federal Judge Thapar said “Admittedly, the agents did not intend to break the law.  But they installed a GPS device on the suspect’s car without a warrant in the hope that something might turn up.”

The suspect’s attorney, Michael Murphy of Lexington, said, “The only evidence against the suspect was the marijuana found in the truck.  If they are going to be that intrusive on our lives, they should do it under the supervision of a court.”

It seems a cooperating witness told investigators that the suspect who previously served 42 months in federal prison for gun and drug convictions, had been buying marijuana in Chicago and bringing it back to eastern Kentucky in his truck.  So a DEA Task Force Officer placed the GPS tracking device on the suspect’s truck while the suspect met with a federal probation officer in London, Ky.

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No judge had authorized the use of the device.  The Federal Judge Thapar noted when he got this case in front of him that three days later the DEA agents noticed that the suspect went to Chicago and tracked him as he returned to Kentucky.  This DEA agent contacted a State Trooper gave him a description of the suspects truck and told him “it probably contained marijuana” and the trooper “would have to obtain his own probable cause for a traffic stop.”  The Trooper stationed himself along I-75 near Mount Vernon with a drug-sniffing dog. He then spotted the suspect driving without a seat belt, pulled the truck over and got consent for a search.  That is when they found 150 pounds of marijuana.  After the dog found the stash, the suspect confessed and this was a direct result of the traffic stop and search.  But the Judge is throwing out all this evidence because of the GPS tracking device that was installed without a warrant.  It is very frustrating for police officers everywhere to have to go through this every day.  They have to do all their investigating and arrest under the rules of the law.  If they don’t something like this will happen and the suspects will get away with it all.  Don’t you think we could find better ways to spend our tax payer’s time and money?  This is just another example of how drugs affect us every day and how they are very harmful.


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