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Drug Free World Feature Video

Today we are launching a daily feature of drug prevention videos. These videos were developed and released by the Foundation for a Drug Free World to help people learn more about the dangers of drug abuse.

A few of Narconon Riverbend’s graduates were featured on the Foundation’s latest documentary. They told their story of how they became addicted to drugs and how addiction affected them, in the hopes that they might dissuade similar youth from taking a similar path.

Please watch this introductory film and share if far and wide.

This film covers the point where someone is typically introduced to drugs. By inoculating people against that first introduction, it is hoped that people will shy away from drugs and never try them in the first place!

This short film also talks about some of the bad effects of drugs, both on the short term and the long term, all in the voices of former drug addicts. In the film, they’re telling their stories: “It was unbearable. I couldn’t get a job because I was out of it completely.”

“My decisions were based on what this drug wanted me to do rather than what I wanted to do.”

“My buddy told me I can just do it once in a while and it won’t be a problem.”

The voices of experience can help people who have never tried drugs to never take that first step.

If you or someone you love needs the assistance of a drug abuse rehab, call our hotline now for immediate help: 1-800-473-0930.

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