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Drug Rehab Program (Long Term)

Our Drug Rehab Program for Long Term Success

jessieIf you are seeking a drug rehabilitation program or a long term drug rehabilitation treatment for yourself or a loved one, you should be educated in order to make an informed decision about the correct treatment option. The following facts and information particularly regarding long term drug rehab programs are provided to fulfill this need. We hope you find it helpful.

Chronic drug and alcohol addiction is the constant and unrelenting effort to obtain drugs or alcohol in order to alter the feelings and perceptions of the person using them. Simply put, if an individual is basically happy with their life and has the ability to identify and solve problems where they exist, they are far less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse is a symptom of other underlying problems. The individual abuses drugs and alcohol in an attempt to relieve themselves of the underlying problem. Of course the underlying problem goes undetected as their chronic drug or alcohol use consumes the life of the abuser and the loved ones affected by his or her detrimental and chaotic behavior.

Choosing a Long Term Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug and alcohol addiction typically involves habitual routines in the environment of the individual, i.e. the locations of their drug or alcohol use, the people they associated with in the activities of drug or alcohol use, etc. Drug or alcohol addiction is not just drug and alcohol use, it revolves around people and things in the addict’s immediate environment which help to trigger the addictive behavior. The abusers locations and routines become environmental triggers for continued use.  The places the addict goes or the people theo with trigger cravings resulting in continued use.

The above factor should not be over looked when considering a treatment center location. The first 2 weeks of treatment are among the most difficult, and there are many factors at work that make this so. In addition to what has been covered above, a more basic factor is this: people are creatures of habit. Even overwhelmingly positive and beneficial changes in life, such as the birth of a child or a new job does not guarantee the individual will have no thoughts of past drug use. Factually this is the normal reactive auto response of most human beings; to do what they are familiar with; good or bad. It is not really that they yearn for these things, it is just all that they have known for some time.

Therefore, if the abuser is close to home when overwhelming uncomfortable feelings manifest themselves, there is a good chance he or she will get back to what they know, which is the people and places of their drug addiction. Due to these factors, attending a drug rehab close to home is seldom the correct treatment option for chronic drug or alcohol abusers. It has proven extremely therapeutic to be distanced from former associations with drug dealers, bars, the cabinet where the alcohol was kept, the cigar box where the cocaine was stored, etc. All these environmental triggers make the task of sobriety seem insurmountable to the chronic drug or alcohol abuser as these triggers continuously stimulate and create a desire and craving for drugs.

Rehab Methods and Benefits – Proven Success

1. Affordable program cost. Our program cost is one of the lowest in the nation for long-term residential (inpatient) rehabilitation.

2. Our average treatment program duration is 4 to 6 months, although there are no additional cost involved regardless of program duration ( Some clients require extended treatment beyond the average program duration).

3. Our program is fully licensed and state certified.

4. Our non profit program founded the first long term residential treatment center in United States in 1966. We have been leaders in the field of long term drug rehab addiction treatment and alcoholism for over 3 decades.

5. Our long term drug rehabilitation program addresses the underlying problems associated with the drug or alcohol addiction.

6. Our program also focuses on the restoration of personal ethics regarding responsibility toward family members and others in general.

7. Our sauna detoxification program eliminates accumulated drug residuals produced by chronic drug use. These accumulated drug residuals can remain in the fatty tissues of the body for many years after drug use has been discontinued. When the fatty tissue containing these drug residuals are burned off during physical exercise, the drug residual can release into the central nervous system causing drug cravings and relapse. Narconon’s New Life Detoxification Program eliminates these drug residuals with a natural process of vitamins, exercise and sauna.

8. We provide our clients with a safe environment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction and rehabilitate their native sense of goodness. It is extremely rare for a chronic drug or alcohol abuser to wish to remain in a bad condition. The vast majority of chronic drug and alcohol abusers are desperate to resolve their situation but lack the know how. Our proven long term drug rehab and drug rehabilitation program treatment methods and our caring staff will show them the way.

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For someone who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, long term care is really their only option.  Outpatient or short term treatment for drug addiction has such a low rate of success that it should only be considered a last resort for an addict.  Someone who has become dependent on drugs or alcohol needs time to get clean and then sort out the issues that led him to drug abuse in the first place.  Our long-term rehab program has been helping people to end addiction and repair their lives for years.  Call us at 1-800-473-0930 for help now.